by Ryan Crossan

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Everything, always, for CMC


released January 25, 2013

Performances / Arrangements - Ryan Crossan


Mixed / Mastered - Tom Tierney at Spaceman Sound in Greenpoint, BK

Cover Image - #gpoyfuyoxe (adapted) - Gratuitous Picture Of Yourself From Underneath Yourself On Xmas Eve (adapted)



all rights reserved


Ryan Crossan Brooklyn, New York



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Track Name: Champ
You raise the torch
The filaments are dark tonight
And we explore
The ruins I have rarefied

You say just follow me
But I already do
You say don't be afraid
It's ok
I got you

In the moon you hold the beam
I mean
You're shining like a champion

Bedroom eyes
Glimmer and the doggie stirs
There's no denial
You're the brightest in the universe

All the other creatures
Are gonna' scamper to the woods
But here we gotta' lamp
And a love
Oh it's good

In the moon...

You're a champion
Track Name: Blush
If you see my meekness mishandling a bird
If you see my quietness mishandling a bird

Show my hand
Vying spray
At the edge
Release it
Tell my heart
Tell my face
At the edge
Release it

If you see my kindness suffocates a bird
If you see my headdress suffocates a bird

Show my hand
Blushing sky
At the edge
Release it
Tell it go
Tell it now
At the edge
Release it

If you see my meekness
If you see my quietness
If you see my kindness
Then you'll see my headdress

At that volume
Low or ocean
Hear the wave
Track Name: Okay
You have a darkness I can't see
I bet it's gorgeous
But you keep it from me
That's ok
You're ok

I have a lantern
And I wave it around
I'm looking for Saturn
But you can take it underground
Whenever you want
If you want

I hear what you never say
I dance in the dead airwaves
How close to the ghost do you get
When you fire away?

I'll watch the walls
For a ricochet

You don't stumble
And you don't ask
When I break a bottle
You just walk around the glass
A change of mind
Changes time

I'll wear YELLOW
And bang a drum
Glad allegro
So you can say

Look outside
Come outside
Track Name: Peace
A thing that we do when the fire goes out
We shine a wider eye
A night isn't long
And we can't see the clouds
We don't even try

A thing that we say when the fire goes out
We call a shield a rose
A whisper resounds
Like a mountain drowning
If you sit real close
And speak real slow

When the icons all wash up
Or lightning won't strike
There's a tower built for watching
Northern lights

When the flags all fray and tear
No war waves kites
There's a gust and the hum is holding
Northern lights
Track Name: Glassy
What a diamond ill
I won't crash tonight
I won't boom but the brass sure will
A concert in the electric heights
I'm the captain of this flight

What a silken woe
I'm a builder of peaks
I'm a mason of sky tableaux
The Himalayas took me weeks
Everest was sheer technique

If I jump the shark
I'm just in the bath
Surfing and laughing

Track Name: Breeze
Praised be the rested and the cool-hand swain
A feather in his wavy hair
A prize for the calmer and the kinder Jane
A spot on the grass in the air

Bet you wish you had another chance
Bet you feel the heat
Bet you'd ask that bonnie lad to dance
Bet you scatter sleet

I just gotta' get you in my getaway car
A ticket to the reedy breeze
I just gotta' make a case for gazing at the stars
Count them or name them or sleep

Come on now you got another chance
Come on now let's ride
Come on now you know you know this dance
Come on kick the tide

Leave all those behind, the barkers and the mobs
Rivet all the ranks with a sigh
Black and white is watertight but goldenrod
Is growing in a garden nearby

Lay it down, the scripture and the sword
Lay it on a pile
Lay it down the bullhorn pre-record
Cadillac awhile
Track Name: Tilt
All signs are a warning kind
Take a minute to adjust to the light
A tipping point
The tipping points
To the brink of the first big snow
You wanna' run but your legs just float
You're a passenger
With passengers

They never made a fool out of you
And the sailors in their dress whites tried
But the old arcade in your tattoo
Was a good night out
And a place to hide
You could have had a plan
Strong man

There's a coin in the drain to mint
A relic from the origin
It was a time of peace
It was time for peace
But the holidays were a little too strange
And all the ways it's a crying shame
The joy just broke
When the joy went broke

You never made a good case for grace
A rotgut bark in dawn dark rooms
And the scars appeared
On your pale thin face
Too late
Or too soon
You never saw Japan
Strong man
Track Name: Selves
This old man reminded me of myself
Opined the irony of drinking to health
We drank to the angels that came to watch us drown
Thankful if angels are even standing around
And the bar was dead
But we weren't dead yet

We were on our own way

If myself reminded the old man of his
It never came up but our differences did
He said, "Son, you're in line to save a little love
Don't do what I did
I shot down the dove"
And we had one more
Then I had one more

We're on our own way
Track Name: Late
Way to crack the lid, sib
A ray on a bender
Nothing left to say, said
Yawning zen slur
A promise I made
A sighing I dialed too late
It's late

Awhile at the window
I'm a spy for strangers
Vinyl tango
And a vice entangled
It's us and them
A blessing I noticed too late
It's late

You had the fairer face
You had the luck of love
You copied from my bones
You called a blister love
Tough love

I remember asking
Are you careful?
Now I'm asking
Are you there?
A bloodshot prayer
But stones never bleed this late
It's so late